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Sinclair Dino Gasoline

Sinclair Dino Gasoline Lubester Gas Pump Porcelain Sign


Original Porcelain Good

Original Porcelain Good Gulf Gasoline Gas Advertising Sign Collectible Oil Auto


Repro Porcelain Enamel

Repro Porcelain Enamel Old Gasoline Sign Ande Rooney


Vintage Sign Original

Vintage Sign Original Buick Service Double Sided Porcelain 42 Dia.


Rare Shell Oil

Rare Shell Oil / Gas Sign - Porcelain - True Convex Clamshell


Shell Gasoline Porcelain

Shell Gasoline Porcelain Enamel Advertising Sign Clam Shell Shaped 12 X 12


Vtg Large Antique

Vtg Large Antique Special Lubricants Porcelain Gas Service Station Display Sign


Vintage Phillips

Vintage Phillips Petroleum Pipe Line High Pressure Caution Porcelain Sign


1920's Sinclair Oil

1920's Sinclair Oil Gas Service Station Garage Porcelain Advertising Sign


Original 1930's Porcelain

Original 1930's Porcelain Red Crown Gasoline Double Sided Sign


Sinclair Porcelain Double

Sinclair Porcelain Double Sided Original Sign


Porcelain Enamel Ande

Porcelain Enamel Ande Rooney Repro Ad Sign


Vintage Sign Original

Vintage Sign Original Gulf Gasoline Double Sided Porcelain 42 Dia.


Vintage Genuine Ford

Vintage Genuine Ford Parts Oval Porcelain Metal Sign Gas Oil Motor - One Sided


Vintage Ala Emergency

Vintage Ala Emergency Service Porcelain Sign Original Mounting Bracket


Xxl Vintage 1950

Xxl Vintage 1950 Vespa Servizio Service 80cm 7kg Original Enamel Porcelain Sign


Pair Of Original

Pair Of Original Sinclair Dino Porcelain Pump Signs, Regular And Supreme Reduced


Original 1930's Socony

Original 1930's Socony Motor Oil Porcelain Double Sided Sign


Original Porcelain Rice

Original Porcelain Rice Hotel Neon Sign & Air Conditioned -tv-phones Sign


Vintage British Porcelain

Vintage British Porcelain Bus Stop Double Sided Sign Transportation


Original Texaco Oil

Original Texaco Oil Gas Service Station Porcelain Dealer Advertising Sign


Original Lion Gasoline

Original Lion Gasoline Porcelain Sign,, Gas- Oil Will Ship


1960's Original Gulf

1960's Original Gulf Oil Gas Service Station Porcelain Advertising Sign Kentucky


Original Texaco Fire

Original Texaco Fire Chief 10x15 Porcelain Gas Pump Sign Plate Globe Oil


Rare Vtg 1951

Rare Vtg 1951 Campeco Motor Oil & Gasoline Porcelain Gas Service Station Sign


Vintage Porcelain Contains

Vintage Porcelain Contains Lead Gas Pump Motor Fuel Sign


Vintage Original Porcelain

Vintage Original Porcelain Mobilgas Special Gas Pump Sign I R 50


Vintage 1940's Prestone

Vintage 1940's Prestone Anti-freeze Thermometer Gas Station Oil Porcelain Sign


Vintage Mobiloil

Vintage Mobiloil Mobil Porcelain Gas Station Sign


Vintage 1960s Ssp

Vintage 1960s Ssp Texaco Porcelain Oil Well Lease Gas Sign


Early 1900's

Early 1900's Standard Oil / Gasoline Porcelain Sign New Price 10' X 13


Vintage Sinclair Porcelain

Vintage Sinclair Porcelain Sign Gas Oil Station Advertising Dino W/ Ring Clean


42 Porcelain Magnolia

42 Porcelain Magnolia Gasoline Motor Oil Advertising Sign


Original Sinclair Aircraft

Original Sinclair Aircraft 48 Porcelain Sign - Wow


Original 1930's Porcelain

Original 1930's Porcelain Sinclair H-c Gasoline 48 In Advertising Sign Iron Ring


Vintage 1930's Polaraine

Vintage 1930's Polaraine Red Crown Porcelain Gasoline Sign With Thermometer


Rare United Motors

Rare United Motors Service Double Sided Porcelain Sign Gas Oil


Washington Chief Gasoline

Washington Chief Gasoline Porcelain Sign


Original 1930's Sinclair

Original 1930's Sinclair Porcelain 18 Ft. Advertising Sign W Shadowing Gas Oil


Vintage Dixie Gasoline

Vintage Dixie Gasoline Porcelain Gas & Oil Sign Pump Plate


Original Champlin Vintage

Original Champlin Vintage Porcelain Gas Oil Sign Display Large Old Barn Hanger


Original Porcelain Sign

Original Porcelain Sign Borden's Ice Cream Antique Advertising Estate Find


Globe Gasoline Oil

Globe Gasoline Oil Lubester Gas Pump Porcelain Sign


S18 Vintage Porcelain

S18 Vintage Porcelain D&h Lackawanna Anthracite Coal Advertising Sign Railroad


Antique Vintage Porcelain

Antique Vintage Porcelain Bell System Telephone Sign 1930's


1957 Phillips 66

1957 Phillips 66 Porcelain 30x 30double Sided Gas Oil Curb Lollipop Sign.


Vintage Original Large

Vintage Original Large Gulf Single Sided Porcelain Sign


Sinclair Porcelain Gas

Sinclair Porcelain Gas Oil Station Sign Rare 42 In Ring Double Sided Original


Original Super Chevrolet

Original Super Chevrolet Service Porcelain Dealership Sign A+ Minty


Authentic Socony Oils

Authentic Socony Oils Aircraft Porcelain Sign Standard Oil Aviation Gas Station


Original Red Crown

Original Red Crown Gasoline Porcelain Sign - Standard Gas Oil Station Lollipop


Petromax Vintage Original

Petromax Vintage Original Porcelain Enamel Sign Germany


Ultra Rare Dunlop

Ultra Rare Dunlop Tires Gas Oil Dealer Large Clock Porcelain Neon Skin Sign 39


1930s Dsp Myers

1930s Dsp Myers Water Pump Antique Porcelain Advertising Sign Agricultural


Original 1950's Drink

Original 1950's Drink Coca Cola Porcelain Button Sign 36in. Bottle Soda Pop Oil


United Motors Service

United Motors Service 16 Porcelain Metal Sign Gas Oil Car Truck Service Station


Vintage Original 1940's

Vintage Original 1940's Standard Oil Company Porcelain Sign


Super Rare Original

Super Rare Original Shell Tiger Stripe Double Sided Porcelain Sign Oil/gas


Clark Oil Gas

Clark Oil Gas Porcelain Advertising Sign


Original Mobil Pegasus

Original Mobil Pegasus Porcelain Gas Oil Sign


Original Power Lube

Original Power Lube Powerlube Motor Oil Porcelain Sign Awesome Tiger Graphics


Vintage 1960 Texaco

Vintage 1960 Texaco Fire Chief Porcelain Sign - Gas Service Station Pump Plate


Indian Motorcycles Porcelain

Indian Motorcycles Porcelain Oil Gas Lubester Advertising Sign Make An Offer


Eco Air Tireflator

Eco Air Tireflator Gas Station Pump Oil Air Meter Not Porcelain Sign


Standard Oil Company

Standard Oil Company 1954 White Crown Porcelain Original Advertising Sign


Wow Vintage Original

Wow Vintage Original Dsp Porcelain Sunoco Sign W Arrow Gas Oil Old Sign Station


Johnson Oil Gas

Johnson Oil Gas Porcelain Advertising Sign


Original Red Crown

Original Red Crown Gasoline Porcelain Flange Sign


Old Style-porcelain Look

Old Style-porcelain Look Goodyear Motorcycle Dealer Sales Service Sign Nice


1940's Porcelain United

1940's Porcelain United Milk Dairy Sign Rare 30


Original Lion Gasoline

Original Lion Gasoline Porcelain Sign,, Gas- Oil Will Ship


72 Gulf Gas

72 Gulf Gas Oil Elephant Ear Porcelain Sign Ring


Original Early Goodrich

Original Early Goodrich Tires Porcelain Flange Sign


1948-55 Original Shell

1948-55 Original Shell Tiger Striped Double Sided Porcelain Advertising Sign


1911 Vintage North

1911 Vintage North Western Fuel Co's Scranton Coal Porcelain 2 Sided Sign.


Large 6' X

Large 6' X 6' Vintage Phillips 66 Double Sided Porcelain Sign 1970


Pair Of Original

Pair Of Original Sinclair Dino Porcelain Pump Signs - Reduced Buy It Now


Pure Oil 6'

Pure Oil 6' Double Sided Porcelain Sign


Porcelain Double Sided

Porcelain Double Sided 1928 Havoline Sign - Gas Oil Auto Signs


Sinclair Gasoline &

Sinclair Gasoline & Oil Porcelain Rare Original Sign


Vintage 24 Metal

Vintage 24 Metal Sign Bracket For Double Sided Porcelain Sign Store Gas Station


1950's Original Oldsmobile

1950's Original Oldsmobile Service Double Sided 60 Porcelain Advertising Sign


Original Ford Dealership

Original Ford Dealership Porcelain Gas Oil Sign


Rare Sinclair Advertising

Rare Sinclair Advertising Gas Pump Face Side Panel Porcelain Sign


Antique Elevators &

Antique Elevators & Escalators Vintage Enamel Porcelain Sign Rare Collectibles


Orig Vintage 30

Orig Vintage 30 2sided Porcelain Polarine Motor Oil Gasoline Advertising Sign


Original Texaco Double

Original Texaco Double Sided Porcelain Sign